Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boulder Short Track

Short track has been off the menu for most of the summer for me as I focused on some Crit and TT work, but tonight it was like being reunited with a lost love. A little tentative at first, but once things settled down I got myself into a good rhythm. I spent most of the race in no mans land behind the lead group of riders of ten or so, with the nearest group to me probably close to thirty seconds or so back. I spotted Bryan G. with about three laps to go a tried to pull him back, but wasn't making too much progress. Then, Mr. Mud, who was warming up for the A race, got behind me and started yelling at me. "Get out of the saddle and SPRINT." "OK, recover a little here and get ready to go again." "GO! Get your teammate." It was very motivating and I almost caught him, but ran out of track.

Congrats to all of the Blue Sky folks out representing tonight.

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