Thursday, July 3, 2008

Triple By Pass Training and Swing Dancing Intervals

Hanging out with fellow Blue Sky team mates is always a blast. This past weekend John and Annette Dyer made the trip down to Colorado Springs to do some biking and swing dancing. As a paying hobby (sometimes a money sucking hobby) John and Annette are heavily involved with teaching and promoting swing dancing in the Boulder area. John is probably the finest DJ Colorado has to offer and was down in Colorado Springs to DJ. It was a win-win for me as I got to ride with the Dyers and got to dance with Annette to John’s music.

The Dyers are training for the Triple Bypass so I took them on one of my favorite climbs in the Springs, Gold Camp Road. After, the Gold Camp Road climb we headed into Garden of the Gods. The entrance into the “Garden” is a steep 4min climb. We attacked that full force for a nice VO2/Anaerobic Threshold interval.

After a quick shower we headed off to the local favorite pizza hangout – Poor Richards where we talked about how great Blue Sky Velo is. We finished off the night with some 3 min dance intervals. That was a good day!

This weekend we’ll switch things up a bit. I’m heading to Boulder and will be doing some of the DJing Saturday night and the Niwot Crit on Sunday.

Fun times!!
Mike Dancel

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