Sunday, July 27, 2008

Winter Park Update

With the Winter Park series just past the half-way point (4 out of 7 races completed), the Blue Sky Velo "A" team is in _1st_ place. The Blue Sky Velo "B" team is also racing strong and is currently in the top-half. Notable results on the "A" team have been posted by Grady Huff and Phil Murray, both of whom have made every race so far (consistency counts!). Woo-ho!

The last three races are on August 2, 16, and 30. Don't forget to mark these on your calendar. Go team(s)!

Below are a few pictures from the Super D on 7/20. Sorry for the mediocre quality - turns out I didn't pick a very good spot to shoot from, and my camera really wasn't up to the task.

Marty Caivano dressed for battle

Phil Murray scouts his line

Michael Baraga shows good form with his "attack" position

Chris Madden rides through a cloud of dust

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