Friday, January 30, 2009

Mavic Mantra Shoes

hey kids:

this just in... i got my feet into the new Mavic mantra shoes and they are about the coolest new thing out there. picture a pair of shoes that is almost as light as your sidi's, has a cabon sole, a tough-as-nails upper, rubber toe bumper, a real grippy outsole, and comes with a sick-looking scree-bootie.
Basically, Mavic is on the forefront of a movement to make more of an adventure shoe that is uber-high quality. Guys riding the backcountry on their $5000 six-inchers don't want to be caught dead wearing a pair of lace-up hiking boot-looking fiascos, so the only real quality option has been more toward the racing end of the spectrum. That's great, until you have to hike out of a situation and your high-end italian shoes shred like used kleenex.
So, if you're like me (and i know i am), you should give these shoes a hard look this year. They've got comfort, quality, and toughness--and that ain't all bad.

dig it.

The Mantra shoe looks burly, because it is. The fit is svelte, though, and these make my size 46 feet feel light and airy (not an easy task).

The Mantra bootie is a tight-fitting, tight-looking tron-esque scree bootie designed to keep dirt, rocks, and water out of the shoe on long backcountry expeditions.


Marty said...

Dude. Those are bitchin'. And the booties look like something from the Matrix. Gimme the red pill.

the UAR crew. said...

The covers are very Voltron. Dig the shoes though!

Jon Mottern said...

Mostly I want the sweet black/red truck in the background.