Wednesday, January 14, 2009

only in boulder...

...will you see a sign like this.

it kinda gives me a good feeling because the city is watching out for us cyclists out there, but it also makes me wonder how much a sign like that costs... and what other crazy street signs are there in a warehouse somewhere?

alright, now that i think about it, we need to start a contest: what is the oddest street sign you have seen while riding? this is my submission; not because it was really that wierd, in fact it seemed to fit right in. it just made me think about all this stuff, and actually post a blog--and i've never been this moved over a street sign before.

as always, my personal roving photographer, Mz.Caivano, headed out to the scene to snap this groovy pic.


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Pamela Dobrowolski said...

i have a picture of a sign of boyscout and elderly lady silhouettes crossing the street. that was in a suburb of Chicago. Northglen maybe.