Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raddest T-shirt of the year

yours truly with the first Mavic track-Tee west of the Mississippi

hey kids:

check this out, we just received some limited edition velodrome-inspired T's from Mavic France. They are in the states, but not even Mavic employees have these yet. Be the first on the Blue Sky Block (or second, since i am already living in mine) to bring that next level of style to Longmont. These shirts have that slick-euro style, but fit normal. So, you can rock this after a hearty winters meal and not look like Sprockets.

the shred-dial is ripped off when you bring this to the table

Quantities are limited; get while the gettin's good.


Josh Boggs said...

Yo, son!!! I'd better have one of those shirts on the way to Georgia soon!!!

How's everything out in Colorado? Long time, no see...

bizalich said...

josh! good to hear from you... let me know how to get you a shirt! getting ready for tour of cali with mavic, should be a good time--8 days with the circus that is lance armstrong.

Josh Boggs said...

E-mail is Hit me up with your info and I'll get you some cash for that shirt.

Cali should be fun. Wish I could make it!