Thursday, March 12, 2009

Angry Driver Makes a Profound Point. . . Stumps the Cycling Community

This afternoon while riding her bicycle north on 75th near Hygeine, Jenny Hettich and a friend were yelled at and buzzed by a driver of a pickup truck. Ironically this occurred while they were riding plum in the middle of the bicycle lane.

The driver did bring up a valid point when he yelled, "I pay the taxes for that bike lane!"

Ok, everybody who also pays taxes raise your hand. . .

In other news, Colorado state tax collectors say they will be investigating these claims that cyclists don't pay taxes. Joe Smarty of the Colorado State Tax Department released this statement on Thursday:

"I had no idea that all of these people riding around on those bicycles weren't paying taxes. This is an embarrassment to all of us. We will be pushing for prompt legislation to make cycling illegal in Colorado, in order to increase tax revenue."

Mr. Smarty declined comment when asked if this would affect cyclists on recumbant or tandem bikes.


Anonymous said...

gotta pack some heat for these moments!

bizalich said...

exactly... heat is packed.