Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fulfilling a Dream

Bob and I headed North on Friday, leaving Boulder at 51 degrees F. By the time we reached Cheyenne, it was 17 degrees, dumping snow, poor visibility, cars sliding off the road, etc. We discussed turning back, but decided we'd turn back if I80 was closed (guess we really wouldn't have much choice then now would we?)

At Rawlins, things cleared up and we made it to Jackson, WY by midnight (that was our goal). Skiing- well JH mountain has vertical like no other US mountain. We enjoyed that, but I was disappointed because the previous weekend we skied so much white fluffy stuff at Wolf Creek that anything but pure powder would be a disappointment.

Well, we weren't done with wolves yet. We headed back to Boulder Monday morning. Of course it started to snow, and was expected to continue snowing all week. There's a belief at Jackson that when Bob Prieto goes there, skiing is ok, but when he leaves, it snows...needless to say, everyone on the mountain was glad to see us really, Bob lived there and people still remember him.

Driving through Hoback Canyon, just South of Jackson Hole, I yelled at Bob to stop the car! There in the middle of the frozen Hoback River stood the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. With no cars around, I jumped out and attempted to look more closely. The wolf looked back then casually trotted up the hillside a bit. He stopped looked at me, then trotted a bit more. Thankfully he wasn't in a great hurry, yet he definitely didn't want to stop and have tea with me either.

I returned to the car, shaking with adrenalin from the excitement of fulfilling a lifetime dream!

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bizalich said...

sweet! i think it would be cool to see a wolf up close. but not too up close.

also, it's good to see that there is winter happening somewhere