Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SRAM steps up for the Tour of the Gila

hey kids:

check out the latest report coming out of the land of enchantment:

SRAM becomes title sponsor of New Mexico's Tour of the Gila

SRAM has taken over title sponsorship of New Mexico's Tour of the Gila stage race, which begins this April 29 in Silver City.

“SRAM has given this race security for the next several years and, with their increasing popularity in the peloton, we can only anticipate growth for our event. And SRAM’s professional neutral race support, along with their great team relationships, make them a perfect long-term partner,” stated Jack Brennan, Tour of the Gila Race Director.

“Despite the tremendous grass-roots support for the “Gila,” the event was facing some financial challenges, and we wanted to come onboard and give the race a secure place in the calendar for the next several years,” said David Zimberoff, SRAM’s Global Marketing Director.

The Gila leader's jersey will now be colored in SRAM’s trademark red color.

This is great news for the race, and I think we should face east and say a big thank you to the boys and girls at SRAM HQ in Chicago.

I've been doing the Gila for quite a few years, and SRAM has been there in the past at the crit with neutral wheel support (i actually got a flat in the crit last year, and their help allowed me to stay in the game and finish 4th on the day). However, it's awesome to hear that they are not only stepping up to support all the stages, but supporting the race financially too.

Thanks SRAM!


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