Friday, April 2, 2010

Freaky Full Suspension Flagstaff Friday

Say that five times fast. Yep, the wind was blowing but I decided to break out the Maverick and head up Flagstaff anyway just before I left Boulder. We had a great Night last night, so figured might as well see how far my luck would go! The light was nice again but my little p/s camera did not do as well as the Night Ride pics.

I turned the corner past the Flag Staff Restaurant and this guy was up ahead on his slicks. He saw me on the next turn and it lit a fire under him--he stayed ahead of me until just around this corner as the road steepens to the amphitheater turn off and I was able to pass him...he was shocked to see the mountain bike in tow! To his credit I turned to head up to the amphitheater (still gated) and he went on up towards the green mtn TH. I am not quite ready for that next super steep section yet!

You can see the road is still not thawed completely!

Real happy to be just at the top! Bundled up real good and then dropped the hammer back down to Cu campus. Its nice to get 12.5 miles, 1500 feet of climbing on your MTB all in 1:12. Not dirt, but still fun with excellent views and fun twisty descending. I like doing this climb Friday because the road is empty. Plenty of sand still so watch your tracks! I got off into the shoulder on the climb and almost went down even with the knobbies. Maybe we can get a regular group together for this each week?

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