Thursday, April 1, 2010

Teller Farm Thursday Ride 4.1.10

Headed out again for yet another Thursday evening. Four of us tonight (Toby, David H, Justin, and myself) and super weird weather. Snowing in Longmont, Snowing in South Boulder, building shaking winds off of Araphoe, but we had the big blue hole and almost no wind! The light was amazing too, even my broken little camera captured a bit of the action.
Headed out to the Cottonwood trail to start the adventure out.
The sky was ominous towards Longmont....we did all throw in the parka just in case!
But then you turn South and it looked a lot better!
Justin rockin the cross bike on the ride. That cloud on the left hand side sure was strange looking!

The light got real nice and I kept wishing for my bigger camera.

Toby with that "you paying attention to the trail look?"

David heading East again just after we reached the out and back. The fields were just lit up here.

Plenty of different colors all ride. Kept the views amazing.

Here Justin and David hammering out the last climb to the water tower. We put on some warmer clothes and then dropped back to the King Soopers with a short adventure through the neighborhood instead of the trails back...the lights had to come out for the last 2 miles and we ended up with just about 20 miles again. Not long now before we can leave the lights at home. Next week Heil Ranch and then Left Hand Trail--see you then.

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Lidarman said...

Good Stuff.

BTW, for the record, that is the "Cottontail" trail noted. The "Cottonwood" trail is from Jay and Diagonal to independence road near Diagonal running along the RR and four mile creek.

The light looks awesome on those photos.