Monday, April 19, 2010

T'was a B-ride Kind of Day!

T’was a B-ride kind of day

I knew this day would come. I just didn’t know when. At 9 a.m. yesterday, I realized “. yes today is it. Today is the day I will head out for my first BSV group ride of the season!”

Okay, in reality it played out a little more like this: Like a lot of other cyclists, I spent much of the winter inside on a trainer. With the recent warm weather, it has been great to get out on the roads again. However, I’ve still been putting in the miles by myself and I was getting more than a little tired of it. Then I had a foggy revelation that hey…I belong to a cycling club,…..we have group rides on the weekends……where people….uh…ride with other people (what a concept)…..hmmmmm, …maybe I should consider joining the B group ride!.

Turns out that a few other BSV members were thinking the same thing (kinda, sort of). Melissa C. sent out an email to the club announcing that she was coming out for her 2nd ride of the season and would love to have some company. "I was really psyched to go for a group ride. It has been harder to go on group rides or to ride as much as I used to since Connor was born. I was really looking forward to a great workout, beautiful weather and socializing with my club-mates.”

Melissa’s email put me from “maybe I should”….to “yeah, I really should”.

Michelle V. and Kayla T. were at the Corner Coffee Bar as well. Michelle said she “came out for the B-ride with the goal of a long, slow ride to keep building up some base miles. Kayla and I agreed to meet at the coffee shop at 10 so we could do what we love (ride) and catch-up. Weekend group rides allow me to bike with friends I don't usually get to see during the week.”

Turned out we all had a fabulous time. We rode up to Lyons, hit the fruit loops, had great conversation, nice easy pace and were super glad to be out there!

Michelle said that she “ loved that we all (the A and B riders) started out together and I got to chat with folks like Kevin, Bill, Steve, Brad, Jose.”.

Melissa, ever the optimist added “ ….as I anticipated, it was awesome! I came home with a 'riding high' that lasted for most of the day, until I got tired from the sun and exercise. :) I am definitely looking forward to my next B ride."

Me too, Melissa. ….me too!

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