Wednesday, December 12, 2007

KC Preview... ICE is nice.

Bill is REALLY paranoid about his number placement....
Bryan H. and Dan F. were done literally 30 minutes before Bill was...

In fact, as I type this at 11:38 local time, he's still pinning on his flippin' race numbers.
By the way, the course is like a moonscape-- a moonscape covered in a solid sheet of ice. It's really cold here, Jade was our waitress at Johnny Carino's tonight. I think she may show up to watch us race... By the way... Bill is STILL pinning on his numbers. I think he is OCD is a big way.
Tomorrow is going to ROCK hard. Good night to all.


Bill said...

This is Dan... not Bill.
He's finally done with the numbers.

Turkey Dave said...

Nice work Bill, number looks tight!.... Hey, is one of the corners comming off there?

Hey so... will you guys melt the ice in the off-cambers by sunday morning? Thanks.....

Jade eh? Think the KC-ers are going to be blown away by the CX freaks in town?

Hey Good luck today guys!
Go hire a photographer so we can see pix !!!

- Dave "yeah i'm 'working' today" K.