Thursday, December 13, 2007

Post Race Cool Down...

The KC course is AWESOME fun. A few decent climbs, one paved and two in the mud/snow/ice. Lots of off-camber, sketchy, one-foot-out, other-weighting-the-inside-pedal action on the downhills. Lots of slide back on the seat and pound out the power while maintaining traction on the uphills. Good times for sure.
After slogging through the mud in the Killer B's, we decided to take in a live action show at the KC zoo. We were bored and it was only $15 to get in, so we thought 'why not'?
It seemed pretty cool until a 12 foot crocodile popped into the scene and literally massacred this water yakabuffalo. The crowd went nuts, but it kinda freaked us out so we headed to the Granite City restaurant for an early dinner. Our own Rob Love showed up road weary and in need of a club soda and a house salad. From there things got a bit more freaky with our waiter Jeremy... chances are good tomorrow night will find us back with our girl Jade. :)

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