Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Onward to Kansas City

Next up for the Blue Sky Velo cross team is the Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City. A total of 2,045 entries were received for the nearly 40 races that will take place between Thursday and Sunday, Dec. 13-16, and Blue Sky Velo will have seven folks taking it to the nations best. The weather looks to be shapping up for some EPIC conditions with recent snow, ice storms, and rain, with more cold temps and snow predicted for the weekend.

The Blue Sky Velo line up:

Mr. Pain Face himself will be lining up on Sunday in the Single Speed category. Fresh off his 4th place finish at the Colorado State Championships, look for Rob to be on top form. Word on the street has it that Rob has some new top secret tires being drop shipped directly to the venue.

Mr. Podium Boy has already ditched the mustache but is reported to be recovering from an untimely cold just in time to race in the Mens 30-39 B category on Thursday and take on some of nations best in the the Master Mens 35 - 39 category on Saturday. Dan will have his work cut out for him on Saturday as he will be lining up with the likes of former national champion Mark McCormack, mountain bike legend Travis Brown, and Boulder's own Brandon Dwight. Look for Dan to work his way through the largest field of the weekend at 171 racers.

Recently crowned Colorado State Champion, Susan Prieto, will be racing in the Womens B race on Thursday, the Master Womens 45-49 race on Friday, and the Elite Womens race on Sunday. Susan is determined not to get lapped by one of the worlds best cross racers, Katie Compton.

Mr. Pit Bike will be racing in the Mens B 40+ race on Thursday and the Master Mens 40-44 race on Saturday. Look for good things from Bryan as his form is on and he looks to have already used up all his bad bike ju ju.

Killer has got his game face ready as he slugs it out in the Single Speed Category on Sunday. Look for Dave to be throwing in down and taking names!

Mr. I Love Cross, I Hate Cross, I Love Cross, I Hate Cross (you get the picture) will also be lining up in the Single Speed category on Sunday. Look for Isaac to be taking out his frustration of the last couple of weeks out on some of the nations best SSers.

And yours truly will racing in the Mens B 40+ race on Thursday and the Master Mens 40-44 race on Saturday. My plan? Hold on to Harwood's wheel!

Thanks for reading and check back for daily updates, pictures, and video.

For more information about Nationals, check here and here.

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