Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gila Stage 1


(Better late than never...)

The 3's raced 73 miles from Silver City finishing with a sick climb up to Mogollon. The 4's didn't race today, so we spent the morning working the feed zones for our teammates. At the first feed zone, all Blue Sky riders were safely placed in the pack. The field was strung out a bit at the second feed zone, but all riders were present and accounted for. In the end, Jeremy finished 14th, 2:43 back. Barry finished 21st at 3:27 back. Isaac, Jose, and Kevin finished 34, 59, and 63 respectively. A good day for Blue Sky and we have a couple people placed highly on GC.

Here's the Feed Zone Gang (yo, gimme Cytomax) waiting for the 3s to reach their turf.

Isaac or Jeremy will have to give the blow-by-blow summary after they recover.

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