Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Short-trackers UNITE!

Aloha, and good day:

This just in; short-track is going to happen again this year. i know that most of you out there are sitting in your cubicles just waiting to get the skinny on the boulder short-track series, and this is what we know so far:

1. it will happen wednesdays, starting June 4th
2. it will happen at the CU research park
3. it will be sporadically MC'd by none other than Dave Towle.
4. it will be a great opportunity to get your new kit dirty
5. it will be a great opportunity to get schooled by all the resident pro's.
6. it will be better than watching Law and Order repeats on cable.

Billy Teas. gettin' it done righteous

Other news about the shorttrack includes the fact that it will be put on by CU cycling as opposed to BoulderRacing. So, there will not be any info on BoulderRacing's site. details are fuzzy as to whether or not CU Cycling will host a site for the series, but they damn well better. how else will the world know how much Blue Sky Velo dominates short-track?

Also, the series looks to go for 10 weeks. This means that you will be choking on dust every wednesday until early August. Now check out the boyz rockin it. Bon Apetit.

Mike Bernhardt rockin' vintage-cycling-flair. Lookout for him this year on the future of bikes

Your's truly about to box out a 'crosser like it's my job

This is a small sampling of the non-bluesky fools that will get tore up this summer.

All these photo's were taken by this chick. Y'all better show up with the gameface, because she'll be there again this year. Recognize.


Bill said...

Great news Rob! Thanks for the update and we'll see you out there.

Anonymous said...

your going down sucka's.