Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gila Stage 3 - TT

There's not much to say about the TT (other than I stink at TT's). Rob rode a solid race and moved up the GC a bit. Jason had a flat and had to wait a while for a wheel. Ross and I both finished somewhere down in the pack.

Ross waiting to put the smack-down on the rest of those Cat. 4 schmucks:

Ryan putting the pedal to the metal:

Jason blazing out onto the high-quality chip seal, only to later face a flat tire:

Rob ripping up the road with what seems to be his best-ever TT, in spite of the non-aerodynamic bared teeth:

Barry rode a great TT and is now sitting 6th overall. Jeremy unfortunately clipped a cone while he was in his aero bars and zoning out on his effort. Even with a crash and a wheel change, Jeremy still beat my time. Jose, Isaac, and Kevin all put in some solid times too.

Kevin pondering the pain:

Isaac tries the teeth-bared method himself:

Jose saying, "Hey ladies. Like my dome?"

Barry showing how it's done:

And Jeremy flashing his bloody palm after his crash and wheel change:

Marty rode on the back of Rob's dad's motorcycle and did a little picture taking. Here's her moto driver:

Perhaps the highlite of the day came after the racing was over when we got to see someone throw (literally) their TT bike at their car. I guess someone wasn't happy with their ride.

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