Friday, May 30, 2008

Tulsa Tough Night 1

There was a twilight criterium just past Hugo tonight.

Anxious moments before me and my closest 104 friends embark on the 8-corner 3/4-mile course. Every corner was pristine and brake-proof.

Old guy in a new skinsuit.


The race was short and super-fast. Kevin saw 178bpm for the first time since his comeback. I averaged 189bpm for 40 minutes and saw 196bpm with 2 to go. In fact, I'm powering through this blog entry with my hummingbird power, so respect!

There are about 5 bars on the course and 2 jumbo-trons. The crowds were big with a funky combination of the regular Friday night crowd (there was talent and I'm not talking about any cyclists) and the cyclists getting buzzed off 1 plastic cup's worth of light beer. Probably the biggest crowd I've raced in front of in 4 years. Capstick was raging with a full-on bike buzz; I may have caught him tearing up a few times, and the dude hasn't even raced yet.

Isaac is an ass, and his ass is on the jumbo-tron.

Kevin wins the prime that wasn't a prime.

Kevin 17th
Isaac 64th


Turkey Dave said...

Holy Smokes!!! Jumbo trons and raging crowds?
Thats sick! Looks fast.

That scene looks hot! In EVERY sense of the word.... he he he .... talent.... he he

You guys are awesome. Now I have to admit i have a smidgeon of tulsafied-envy.

Good luck tomorrow you 3 !
- turkey dave out

ps. On Kev's imaginary prime, did he have to overtake and pass his imaginary friend too?

Kevin Abraham said...

I don't want to talk about it...I am still verclempt!!!

Topic - "Why would an idiot go after a prime he only thought he heard with 5 to go...Dohhh!!!!!

Kevin Abraham said...
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