Monday, September 14, 2009

7th Annual Buffalo Bicycle Classic

I had heard many good things about CU's Buffalo Bicycle Classic Century ride (including a Blue Sky Velo report last year), so I decided to give it a try.

I did the ride with some co-workers but caught up with some of the Blue Sky Velo crew at the start, and a few times during the ride:

I'm the one in this picture who is ill-prepared for the 50 degree temperature at the 7 AM start!

I think Eric and team must have passed me ten times during the ride but they always cheerfully offered me the chance to latch on!

The weather was chilly and overcast at the beginning but the sun did come out, and the event mostly lucked out in dodging the rain on Saturday, and some more on Sunday evening.

I thought the race was well-organized, especially at the busy intersections of CO-66 and US-34 in Loveland. And, medical crews quickly got to the scene of an accident early in the ride near the intersection of St. Vrain Road and 75th Street, where a rider went off the road.

The rest stops were well-equipped with volunteers, food and drink including my favorite - Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches! The one complaint commonly heard was with the shortage of porta-potties (and long lines) on the outgoing Hygiene stop but hopefully they can address that next year.

The post-race ceremony offered more food, beer, and sunshine:

I'd recommend this ride for anyone thinking about a century, especially since it's in our backyard and it's easy to train on the course.

The route:

-- Peter Schow


skahn01 said...

This is my third year riding this event. It's my favorite. I've not seen the lines to the porta-potties as long as they were this year. It looked like there were more riders this year. I heard 2500, which os good because they raised over $1.2M for scholarships.

KBK said...

It was good times, good times! Thanks to everyone in the Blue Sky Nation who came and made this a blast for me on my first century!

Mark said...

The bike wreck was me! What did it look like? I don't remember ANYTHING but assume somebody swiped across my front wheel & I failed to dodge quick enough. I was riding with a very mixed pack of some strong experienced guys, and some just hanging on for dear life... I even remember thinking, "I'm gonna have to be careful here." ...but that's the last thing I remember! ~ Mark

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