Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steamboat Springs Stage Race - Day 4

The fourth and final day of the Steamboat Springs Stage race was the Ski and Bike Care Criterium. The course was about .75 miles long on wide streets and no technical corners. The main pain was the 50 foot climb each lap on 4th Street.

With an 8:10a start time, the 40 degree temps made it feel more like a cross race than a criterium, which was good news as I was eager to try out my new Uber Secret Coffee Embrocation. Overall the crit was pretty mellow. I tried in vain to do a solo attack with about 10 laps to go (sorry Kevin, but I'm not a sprinter at heart) and got off the front for about 3 laps, but I could tell my legs didn't have what it would take to go the distance, so I backed off and drifted back into the group for the bunch finish.

Big kudos to the race promoter and all the volunteers who made this event happen. Very well run and I'll definitely be back for what I'd like to call cyclocross training camp #2 next year.

Final results can be found here.


NinjaPonyDad said...

Nice writeup! You make it sound easy....I have a feeling your fitness is IN! Good job sounded like a cool race.

Turkey Dave said...

Secret Coffee Embrocation is "HOT"!!!
You're a machine Bill!
Dudes tremble when your quads amble by.

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