Sunday, September 13, 2009

VeloCX Funhouse - 9/13

The BSV CX riders were out in full force today at the VeloCX course. How many people out there can say 'I rode my CX bike inside a building!' Here are a few pics from the Men/Women Cat. 4 races.

Michelle & Brianne lined up at the start. Michelle has the 'Kevin Abraham' stare!
The ladies on the course behind the warehouse...get ready for the 180.
Brianne rockin' it before the mud...
Michelle making the 180 degree turn before going up the blue ramp on the left inside the Velodrome.Checkout the ramp out of the building...SICK. I had to get my weight back and use some mtn bike skills on this one.Into the warehouse after getting the bike up the last step.

Andy battling it out for going up the stairs!

Looks like Andy won after his competitor did an endo down the ramp...

Super fun day! Can't wait for more to come. - MV


Aharmon said...

That endo was quite impressive from my vantage point, 10 yards behind the guy as I exited the building. I just saw a white bike flipping over, and a cloud of dust. Glad I missed his hand as I squeezed by.

Marty said...

Thanks for the post! That looks like a rad course...I'm sorry I missed it!

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