Saturday, September 5, 2009

Steamboat Springs Stage Race - Day 2

Hey sports fans. Today your two favorite cyclocross guys pretending to be road racers tackled the Marabou circuit race, a reverse direction of yesterday's ITT course with about 500 feet of climbing per lap. Check out the elevation profile. Yep, we had to get out our climbing legs for today's stage, but unfortunately, so did the real climbers.

Your humble correspondant got dropped by the leading group on the 3rd time up the big climb and ended up riding solo for most of the rest of the race as no one bridged up and there wasn't really anyone to wait for. Pale power forgot his climbing sticks back at the house and was let go on the first lap. Don't read too much into it as he has told me that he's saving himself for cross.

Results haven't been posted yet, but I'm pretty sure I should move up in the GC.

Here's the master descender showing how it's done and me showing how it's not done. Get you fingers off those brakes Teasdale!

Meanwhile, reports are coming in from the St. Louis Gateway Cup that Mr. Capstick narrowly escaped a 40 man pile up in the crit. Looks like it's already out on YouTube. Look closely at the end, you can see Steve getting through it. Rough crowd out there in St. Louis.

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