Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brecktober Cross - 2nd Shift !!!!

Hey Gang! Turkey Dave reporting in from the field.
Now Bill's already posted some of the cyclocross goodness had on Sunday up in Breckenridge. Mad props to Blue Sky Velo for being the highest represented team up there by the way !!!!
So with the new schedule this year, there's a wide range of times for people to race.
This is a report of the 2nd shift.

My ribs were sore so I was there to support Michelle who was racing pretty late in the day. Just by pure accident I put my singlespeed on the car - you know - to pre-ride the course with M., to help her out. Its not like there was also a singlespeed class going off with the 3's late in the afternoon or anything.

I know, most of you are saying, "come on Dave cut to the "Harden the #!@!# up" part already!"
So, no sooner had we been debriefed by some of the some 1st shift gang, with battle stories told.... when the skies opened up and it started dumping rain! The temp dropped immediately.
Its funny, at times like those, looking around we saw two types of people, those scattering for cover ........ and those with big sh*t eating grins on their faces. I have to admit I fall into the latter category.
Game on !!

First up was Michelle. She may have had a quick bout of being a 'run and hider', but that soon melted away into perma-grin, she got her share of the sweet mud action. It rained hard at times, and the course started getting slick!~ I'm super proud of her, she rocked today and was loving it... her mad skillz helped out in the slick conditions.

(it may not look like it, but this hill is slick!)

Ryan was there Representin' the 4's
What better way to break in a brand-spankin new bike hmmmm?

Needless to say. After standing in the rain, smiling, taking pix, and generally getting good and soaked and cold.... I just couldn't head home... Ribs be damned, I embrocated and went for it. It was a blast, the kind of mud that reminded me of why riding bikes is so cool. There werent many of us 1X's, so they just started us with the 3's. My competition was some uber racing dude, some "mountain bike guy" who was fresh in from the SS WC in Durango, and "flannel-wearing-I have a hang over guy". "Things are looking up".
I was dying a slow death up the long hill and subsequent return to the warming hut, but in true fashion the 'party hill' had a nice selection of loud-mouths (who seemed to be in 'good spirits' and 'well-lubricated' )- they kept me motivated. The more they yelled the more I grinded up that hill. Awesome!!

Kid in a candy store

Welp, thats it for now. It was nice to experience a little bit of fall, get good and cold, and generally revel in the CX aura again. (We didn't know it would follow us down the front -range, I promise)


Ryan said...

I must say, racing in the mud was fun. I could have used a little more warmth, but otherwise it was great.

Michelle Vercellino said...

The course was slick & muddy! It was a total CX blast. :)

Jenna said...

Awesome! I'm so proud of you both, Dave and Michelle! Well, and Ryan! Totally hardcore.

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