Monday, September 21, 2009

Brecktobercross - A Wood Chippers Delight

It that time of year again. Time to get your cross on Brecktobercross style. We set our alarm clocks for pain-thirty, and got up early for the drive to Breckenridge and the 9:45am 35+ Open start time. It's bad enough getting up at 5am, but getting up that early to race against some of the fastest guys in the state is just plain crazy.

When we arrived in Breck the temps were in the 40's. That meant two things -- embrocation and long-sleeve skinsuits. After getting suited up, we headed out for some warm up time on the course, and then over to the start area. Pale Power got his front row call up, Kevin A. turned his down, Hollywood stuffed himself in the middle, and I set up in the back. Now being in the back is certainly not ideal, but on a positive note, you're most likely going to go forward in the race, which is preferred to the alternative.

The start of the race took us through a section of about four inches deep of wood chips with barely one rideable line. Apparently wood chips are the new sand traps. This would typically be a good place to move up, but it was risky to got off the main line. Thankfully we got through it without incident and it was game on.

Here's the start. Nope, can't see me.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Weber

Hollywood missed a turn early on and was in chase mode for most of the race. I was able to move up and latched onto a group with Pale Power and Dave Weber from Rocky Mounts. After about a lap, we were starting to get some company from behind, so I went to the front and upped the pace.

Dave and I sucking Pale's wheel.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Weber

Laying down the savage "attack" Photo courtesy of Susan Prietro

I was able to create a nice gap between myself and the rest of the group, but eventually Dave Weber made his move and started to bridge up to me.

Dave making his charge.
Photo courtesy of Susan Prietro

Dave finally caught me and we rode together for a lap or so, but he was able to create a small gap with his superior technical riding skills that I could not close back down. Meanwhile the rest of the boys were settled into their own group battles.

Hollywood getting it done.

Photo courtesy of Susan Prietro

Crit Master getting a draft.Photo courtesy of Susan Prietro

All and all the Blue Sky Nation did a good job representing. Full results are posted here.


Michelle Vercellino said...

Sweet Day Up There Bill! Thanks for posting and keep all of us up-to-date with the 1st shift. - Michelle

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