Monday, November 10, 2008

Boss of 'Cross

Yesterday the Cat3s ascended to the CSP track in Golden to start chipping away at Rocky Mounts' formidable BCT advantage. As Bill says, we showed up for a 'cross race and a criterium broke out!

Early in the race Bill and I hooked up and we were able to play a little cops and robbers. I attacked our group like I stole something and Bill hung back to play the policeman. The group looked at Bill to pull so he spun it out while I rolled up a big enough gap to hold to the line for 3rd.

Bill, the policeman as well as the magician, hung on for 10th.

Farrell, looking dainty as always, plugging along for 22nd.

Harwood is looking down so the puke doesn't get on his skinsuit. He battled some digestive issues for 15th.

Kevin was riding strong in the top 10 when a flat tire ended his day. Well, err, actually what ended his day was thinking I wanted his pit bike ... which I kinda did, I wasn't sure if I was losing pressure in the rear ... Oh Behave!

This is a gratuitous picture of my porting technique after Marty made me blush on Saturday. Those barriers were high!

All told we may have managed to cut into the Rocky Mounts' lead by a half. The results aren't posted but I know their big guns had some bad luck. We've got a few more tricks up our sleeves too...

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