Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indoor Velodrome update

hey kids:

thought those of you that are not on the e-mail chain might wanna see some pics of the progress on the salad bowl.

from the director:

Hello again to you all!

I am sending this latest update with a sense of complete joy! The truss’ have been placed to start the foundation for our track and the track is starting to take shape, after just a few hours the support work will really start to take on the shape of our very own velodrome! Hopefully the photographic evidence of this work will spur the same excitement in all of you that it has in us and more of you will start to come by to see this work for yourselves. That is by the way an invitation to all of you to come by anytime to see the place and get a sense of what we will become.

On the subject of stopping by we are asking anyone who might be interested in lending a helping hand to contact Paul Wells, that’s meJ and let us know when you would like to contribute to the project. We will try to reward all participants for the effort and on top of that you can say that you helped to make the dream a reality. If you are interested please feel free to contact me anytime.

Today we passed our first inspection and are really starting to look like something. There have already been many volunteers and we can not thank them enough! Our faithful volunteers have finished our carpeting projects painted and varnished all over the place and done many other less than desirable tasks. WE LOVE OUR VOLUTEERS!!!!!!!!!

Once again that you all for all the support you have already shown and we look forward to seeing everyone very, very soon!

Happy trails...

Paul Wells

Manager - Director of Cycling

Phone: 303-CYCLING

Mobile: 303-517-2213

Fax: 303-440-0306

some pics:

from the mezzazine, looking at the east end.

from the east end, looking at the mezzazine.

Looking east along the south straight.

from the mezzazine, looking north at the mural.

mural is almost completed.

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