Saturday, November 15, 2008

Louisville Pics, Cat4+ Cat3

alright, check it out. we had a great day today at the frame-breaking nightmare of a course that is Louisville Rec Center. I think i have arthritis now. sweet. seriously, though, the layout was sick, the weather was gorgeous, and blue sky nation rocked out. tops in my book, though, was Beck rocking the tot race to a 3rd place, and Jenna showing up with a dapper-looking Aidan in full premie-sized skinsuit. check out her photoset for details.

Also, Dan, we gotta get Beck on the team! i see that he was running incognito without his bluesky jersey, but i still think we gotta get his results up on the web.

my race went really well... i did have a slight get-off into a downhill corner while trying to pass lapped traffic that was bound up tighter than a man eating nothing but cheese. i need another horn for the geared bike! anyways, i pulled out 5th. Not sure how the other cat4 kids did, but i think Bryan Grace pulled out 7th? Chime in, fellas, let us know how it went.

Dave harber was rockin the singlespeed with me, and my friend John Bevans... who i am trying to bring over to the nation from RockyMounts. We took off after they scraped off the cat3 crash that happened 200m from the start. the course was brutal for singlespeeding, but it was fun to be out there with my friends. since we started late, we got the luxury of getting lapped by the leaders of the cat3 field, so I got in some pep-rally action on Isaac and Bill. Dan and Harwood were also in the mix, and i could hear them bearing down on me from the carbon-rim brake chatter. nice.

all the wonderous photo's below are courtesy of Marty. Not only does she take nice pics, she looks good doing it... a sight for sore eyes when i'm out there getting raked over the coals.

trying to maintain some speed in the rough stuff

Lee looking calm on the barriers

Bryan "my legs are pistons out of a 541ci Cadillac Big Block" Grace gettin' it done

Bryan "i pop juniors like varmits on my grandpappy's farm" Grace gapping a 5280 punk

Andy Harmon hammering down as lesser men dismount.

Dan Farrell, in a rare gloveless moment, feels his top tube without the aid of white cotton.

Chad taking it to the barriers, passing what may be the ugliest kit on the Front Range.

Chad rockin out with Sram cap and Shimano Drivetrain. He goes both ways.

Senior Cyclocross himself gapping fools behind him.

Bryan "Hollywood" Harwood charging back into the mix after a flat.

Dave "my mix of '08 jersey and '06 shorts gives me anti-gravity properties" Harber takes it to the pain on the single.

your's truly bringin' my new "sparklespeed" through the top barriers.

Susan Prieto rockin out like the show you should all see tonight. Seriously, Susan had an excellent technical race, aided by the fact that she has been rigorously training in a secret lair all summer somewhere deep in the United States of Whatever.

Dave Towle and Nat Ross, comparing notes on who has the most underground "hat and puffy jacket" combination.

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Anonymous said...

Beck will be rockin' a Hincapie extra small MTB jersey next season... nice work today everybody. I'm feelin the aches and pains post pile-up now, good times!