Sunday, November 16, 2008

cross race awards "Most Polite Riders"

Blue Sky Nation-

Blue Sky had another great turnout of racers and spectators on Saturday in Louisville. Anywhere on the course, someone was cheering for Blue Sky racers. Thank you all for the support!

Jen did want me to mention that Rob and Lee were the "nicest" Cat 4 riders in the field. Not only did they turn themselves inside out racing hard on that bumpy, dusty course. . . but they said "thanks" each time they passed by, as Jen handed off a water bottle. (By the way guys, you could also say "water!" or "help!" or just grunt, and Jen would be happy to give you water).

I again wanted to thank Bill, Dan, Steve and the collective Blue Sky crossers for teaching technique. I entered the final hill 10 yards behind a guy that I had been chasing for the entire last lap. I used the skills we worked on to dismount faster, push up the final hill faster, and remount faster than he did, and I beat him in a sprint. It was all about skills.

(Now if you just pretend that the sprint was for 1st place, rather than 31st it would be a really exciting story)

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bizalich said...

nice work andy!

it's rad that you were still mentally in the game, even if it was for 31st.

also, Jen was a savior out there, since she was in the best place on the lap for water... thanks again!