Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday morning ride in Fort Collins

Dave and I joined up for an easy ride around Fort Collins this morning. As we neared the Budwesier brewery, I joked about stopping in for a drink. Dave didn't need any convincing, but we decided Budwesier was not the best place for us to be in bike clothes. New Belgium, however, was a much better idea and we bellied up to the bar for a full selection of samples. Incidentally, If you're wearing a jacket over a jersey, you can put one beer in each of the 6 pockets and take home a six pack. (Hypothetically speaking of course.) Check out the cool new tap handles they have made of bike rims.

Saturday ride with Dave

Dave and his bird-sized bladder found a convenient port-o-let on the way home too and a construction worked was nice enough to let him use it.

Saturday ride with Dave

I wish all bike rides could include a stop at the New Belgium mother ship.

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bizalich said...

sweet! those taphandles look cool. my friends troy and karen were in on the design and construction of those.

for us down in SoCo, we need to get a group ride to head to the brewery for samples and then for a return trip. with a stop off at lamars for donuts, of course. that would be an epic training ride outta the longmont.