Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008: The middle of nowhere: Cyclocross at Watkins

I've always wondered what nowhere looked like. Now I know. This being my first race at Watkins, I was told this was an improved course from last time. The course had 2 long uphills, and one high-speed, downhill corner on very loose gravel (making for the only real technical section of the course.) The details are in the pictures.

The middle of nowhere:

The massive Senior Men 3 Field (15 started only 12 finished)

I got off to a good start jumping into 4th place, which I held for 1 lap.

Still in 4th, just before crashing on a non-technical turn. (drove too hard into the corner trying to capture 3rd--oops!) After crashing, my chain proceeded to divorce my chain ring and instead give my crank-arms some love--twice.

The enormous crowd of spectators--oblivious to the inside workings of the race, although they really wanted dad to win the prize--Mr. Potato Head.

Now chasing 8th place.

8th place still in view!

8th place moving on...hello 9th. Guess travelling for the last 5 weeks does catch up with you.

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