Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pike Peak Supercross - I think it's broken

Yesterday I rode down to Colorado Springs with Isaac and Kevin for cyclocross race. My first in over a month. In fact, I've only ridden my CX bike once since the Blue Sky race weekend. I've been feeling unmotivated to ride, so I thought this would at least force me to put in a good effort.

The course was decent for me. It started out with a big hilly loop, which meant that I didn't really need to fight for a position at the front. I just sat in the top 20 and picked people off as the got tired. I was around the top ten by the time we got on the actual course.

I rode pretty well and also made some mistakes. I was caught up behind a group of three that was using a smooth dirt section to recover so I decided to pass them. It made me take a really sketchy inside line through a steep downhill corner, but it worked out. Until later that lap. I went to get on my brakes in a bumpy 180 and slipped off of them. I ended up in the weeds and the people I had passed went right by me.

I stayed in the top 10 the rest of the race, and on the last lap I was in 7th. Coming out of the final barrier section, it was clear the I wasn't going to catch the guy on front of me so I just needed to take it easy into the finish. Only 3 more corners to go, and disaster struck.

On my remount, I didn't get clipped into my pedals. My right foot slipped off the pedal and got grabbed by my front tire and sucked up to the frame. My front wheel, of course, immediately stopped and the bike flipped hard. In an instant I was on the ground.

Helmets save lives. My helmet hit the ground hard and did its job by breaking. No concussion for me. The medical guy on staff came over and recommended I go to the hospital for an x-ray. While my friends were getting my stuff together I called and told Christine. Then I nearly passed out as I finally calmed down from the race. I was 40 minutes into a race working hard, and then came to a sudden and complete stop.

Mike D took me to the emergency room (which was freezing) and I didn't have to wait all that long for an xray. I'm no expert. Do you think it's broken?
(As you can see, I'm already being held together by safety pins.)

They gave me a sling, and I'll go to a doc up in Fort Collins for a follow up.

The value of this team goes beyond the race course, and they really showed it today. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have friends close by to help me out. Ron was first on the scene. He happened to be driving by and saw my spectacular new method of dismounting. Mike D was close by and ran up to help. Both of them hung with me while I recovered my senses and then helped me get my stuff together before going to the e-room. Ron stuck around and let Isaac and Kevin know the scoop because they were lining up to race as I crashed. Conveniently, Isaac and Kevin finished up their race and got to the emergency room just as I was getting out. Bob and Susan were there to take videos of me *not* crashing and offer me well wishes before the hospital. Thanks Isaac for buying me a Whopper, but in retrospect I should have gotten a kids meal so I could wear the crown.

So here I am, in some sort of sling for the next 6-8 weeks probably. I guess this is a decent time of year for this type of thing to happen. It's early enough into ski season that I should heal up in time for the really good snow. I've got lots of time for cycling season, although my training will probably have to be pushed back a bit. Christine leaves for London next weekend, so it ought to be interesting gimping around for a few weeks by myself. Hello fast food and TV dinners.


Turkey Dave said...

That sucks man.
If it weren't for bad luck .... well you know.

Looks like you'll be doing some 'hunt and peck' typing on the keyboard for a while huh?

Did they at least give you any good meds?

Also, why did you swallow a safety pin?

It must have happened so fast....

Hang in there and GET better soon.

Cindy V said...

Man Ryan
You were right about the xray! Doesn't leave much room for doubt. Take of yourself! I can empathize!

Ho said...


Sorry to hear about your uniquely spectacular crash. But, I'm glad to hear the noggin escaped any injury.

I hope you're not a lefty. I feel for you man. Just moving that arm in anyway is gonna mean misery for some time. I see that you were still wearing your zipped up jersey for the x-ray.

Get well soon! Have a beer, relax and enjoy the off season.


s.musick said...

Ryan, I crashed hard myself but kept the injuries to brusing and road rash. Tough day out there.

Hope you heal quickly!


RickM said...

OUCH!! Better in November than March like I did. Yes, we have great people on this team on and off the bike.
Take care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Ryan glad to see you made it home. I was rolling out of the park to go home when saw a rider fly up in the air then down hard on the ground just up the road. Then it dawned on me that's Ryan. So pulled over and parked and came up to help because obvious that were you hurt.

I don't think you almost passed out back at the car, I'm just glad I was able to clear a space for you to lay down before you were out. You suffered just a little shock for a couple of minutes while Mike D. got his car. I had call your name a couple of times to make sure you weren't in lala land. After about 10 minutes of laying down you did alot better and were doing good when we put you in Mike's car.

Being the hard working BSV Treasurer Ryan is he still took care taking clothing money while waiting for his ride to the ER.

In other racing news of the day Mike D an I both flatted during our races but still finished. Steve C. almost made the top 20. Bob P. did top 5. All in the 35+4 race. Chris broke his derailleur in the 55+ race for DNF. Isaac crashed hard but finished around 10th. Kevin A. was top 15 looking like he was suffering bad and wishing it was a 45 minute instead of a 60 minute race in the Cat. 3's. Sorry but I had to leave during Susan's race.

Ron D

Anonymous said...

ummmm.... OUCH!!!!
Glad to hear it wasn't any worse Ryan. Hope it heals well. I definitely think you deserve a new cross bike for next season. ;)

Hang in there and keep your head up my man!
And yes.... BIG PROPS to all the BSV crossers out there for taking great care of you.

P.S. My check's in the mail-- no really, I swear.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that Ryan. you've ridden so incredibly well this season. enjoy the time off and see you back out riding soon enough.