Saturday, November 15, 2008

Race report - TOT race at Louisville rec center (4 yr old and 3 yr & under race)

Since dad got a flat 300 meters into lap one and finished 45th, I thought I would write about the TOT's race. It was a smashing course with teeter-totters, gnarly dirt patches, and a grueling uphill. Axel (2 and on the big wheel) was trash-talking at the start of the line, telling all the big kids to watch out for his brother Boden who was really fast! Boden (4) had to make a run for the money to keep up with the tot-chick on her push bike--finally sprinting up the hill for victory. (I will be asking him for pointers later.) All-in-all, the kids had a blast. Thanks to the race/parents for putting it on. As you can see it inspired the kids to come home and spend the night in the alley practicing their cyclocross skills.

Trash-talking at the line.

The uphill sprint for the victory. (looking like Dekker with the tongue out)

The victory dance. (nice hamburger bell)

Night training on the tetter-totter/jump.

The big wheel in action.

Three dads now asking advice from their kids on how to race.

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