Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boulder STXC #1

The Boulder Short Track series kicked off last night at the CU Research Park and Blue Sky Velo was out in force. The CU Cycling Team has taken over the responsibilities of running the series and although they have a few kinks to work out, they did a very good job running the race. I especially like the fact that the Men's B race has been extended to 25 minutes.

The course last night was pretty basic with some tight technical turns and a few short hills thrown in for good measure. It was probably the shortest course I've seen set up in the three years I've been racing the series. Lap times were going to be fast and my biggest concern going is was how dizzy I might get.

First up was the Jr's and Women's B race. Blue Sky was represented by Susan P. in the Women's race and she looked strong.

Next up was the Men's B race. Bryan G., Charles M., and Pete G. lined up to slug it out. Bryan grabbed the hole shot and never looked back. Even looked like Pete and Charles were soft pedaling at the front of the race on the first lap and enabled Bryan to get a nice gap. Bryan ended up taking the win with Charles coming in second!

Here's what Charles had to say about the race.
I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into. My thing is usually long mtb. races with lots of climbing and as few technical sections as possible. I rode the course 5 or 6 laps and thought I made a big mistake signing up for this thing - maybe it will start pouring and I can go home in one piece. The race was fast from the get go - thanks Brian! Coming into the first turn it was
Brian Grace and Pete Galt in 1st and 2nd and me in 4th. Watching them from behind go into the first corner I was thinking I'm in big trouble. My goals were a) don't crash, and b) don't get hurt and seeing Brian fly into the first corner made me think maybe I set my goals too high. Fortunately, I got the hang of it after a couple of laps and was able to move into 2nd place and watch and learn from Brian, who knew what he was doing. I stayed in 2nd for laps 2 to 5 and was passed by some guy who was stalking me for a few laps. He then moved up and passed Brian and rode ahead of him for a bit until he went over a couple of 3 foot high bumps and down into
a tight descending corner. My kids said he looked over at a photographer and rode a bit of a wheelie down into the turn, hit a post and wiped out. All I saw was him getting up from the ground and Brian no where to be seen. Anyway, Brian and I were back in 1st and 2nd for the last two laps (I think that's how far we had to go). I didn't realize the race was over and kept going another half a lap before someone told me I was finished. I'm kind of used to finishing
after 50 miles and they didn't exactly give me a very good sign that I was done. Anyway, it was a great experience and good for me to learn how to turn and stay upright. I was definitely happy to not crash, but felt bad for the guy who blew 1st crashing in the last couple of laps. Brian definitely was ready to ride today and led almost the entire race - he definitely deserved to win.

Next up was the Men's B race and the sky was looking ominous as Mike B., Peter S. and I lined up for the start.
The race started fast with Mike B. slotting an around 4th and me around 7th. Over the next five or so laps Mike looked to be holding his position and I lost a few spots. Then is started to rain which turned the course into a mud pit and put a smile on my face. Folks were dropping out fast and I was moving up, but then it turned into a torrential downpour and they called the race and everyone headed for cover.

The wheels just wouldn't turn after this...

Good times!

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