Monday, June 30, 2008

Swag Recipients

One goal of the BOD each year is to reward those members who are participating above and beyond the normal expectation. We ask sponsors to help in rewarding these members, and at this time the BOD is excited to honor the following people. Keep up the good work everyone!

(in the words of Club Captain Michelle Vercellino)

Susan Linroth

LT Testing Session compliments of Boulder Performance Lab
"Sue is one of our newest members, but she represents the spirit of what the club is all about. She participates all the time and has such an awesome club attitude."

Melissa Calkins

Massage or Acupuncture Treatment compliments of Jade Mountain Health
"Melissa, thanks so much for stepping it up during our spring and summer seasons to get folks rallied on their bikes and out having a great time."

Isaac & Jenna Dancy

Sunglasses compliments of Giro
"I am treating you as one functioning unit even though you are 2 separate people. Between the two of you, you guys kept the club rides coming all through the winter and spring season for '08. This was an incredible effort by both of you and thanks so much again. You guys can fight over who gets to wear the glasses on certain rides."

(in the words of 'Cross Captain Dan Farrell)

"I'm happy to report BSV has a bit of swag to distribute amongst the members of the cross team that truly represented the kick*ss spirit of BSV CX last season.

Each of you brought something different to the team whether it was mad cowbell skills, great volunteer spirit, dedication to racing the full season, etc."

Dave Kilmoyer

Sunglasses compliments of Giro

Ron Dreasher

Massage or Acupuncture Treatment compliments of Jade Mountain Health

Susan Prieto

LT Testing Session compliments of Boulder Performance Lab

Mountain Biking
(in the words of MTB Captain Darrin Sharp)

Chris Madden

Sunglasses compliments of Giro
"Chris and his wife Jessica are new members of Blue Sky Velo. In addition to being an avid cyclist, Chris is also an MD. He generously volunteered to share his knowledge via a 'Mountain Bike Injuries' presentation to other team members."

John Perry

Massage or Acupuncture Treatment compliments of Jade Mountain Health
"John is a tireless trail worker. He has been involved in many trail work projects, and is even a certified Trail Maintenance Leader. John has also volunteered to lead a number of mountain bike group rides."

Cindy Vanover

LT Testing Session compliments of Boulder Performance Lab
"Cindy has served the BSV mtb community by volunteering as BSV VP for the 2007 season. She is also an avid racer, competing in 10 MTB races for the 2007 season (including 5 out of 6 of the Winter Park Series). In addition, she recently stepped up and volunteered to lead a couple of women's only mtb rides."

(in the words of Triathlon Captain Kelly Dykema)

Dave Rohatch

LT Testing Session compliments of Boulder Performance Lab
"Dave has really put a lot of effort into being positive and getting out there racing in Blue Sky clothing even though the tri gear is not completely ready (he ran in his bike jersey). He is always positive toward everyone who is racing is looking forward to training for an Ironman. I love his attitude for encouragement of new triathletes and racing in general (not a 'tri-snob')."

Tamara Gaffney

Massage or Acupunture Treatment compliments of Jade Mountain Health
"She is always willing to help me doing research on clothing, races, and just about anything else I ask her to do. She gets the most enthusiastic newer triathlete award and is really trying hard to come back from injury last year. She is always wearing the Blue Sky clothing proudly and I see her being a continual asset to the growth of the club."

James Dykema

Sunglasses compliments of Giro
"James is the most supportive teammate one could find. Even if he is racing, he is bike mechanic for all the teammates out at the races, photographer, child caregiver and all around support crew. He is constantly in his Blue Sky clothing and very proud of the club as a whole. In addition, his racing this year has been stellar!! He knocked over 2 minutes off his Bolder Boulder time (41:30), 3rd overall at the Fort Collins Triathlon, 2nd in his age at Longmont Tri and is placing in every running race he enters."

(in the words of Road Captain Kevin Abraham)

"I have been asked to come up with 3 deserving individuals from the Road Team who are in desperate need of some swag. YOU ARE THOSE THREE INDIVIDUALS! This decision was made based upon your results, improvement, leadership, etc in your respective categories 3s, 4s and 35/4s."

** Note: The prizes haven't been divvied up so these individuals will be greased up and mud-wrestle for the prizes at the next team BBQ.

Mike Dancel

Mike has been pulling double-duty racing 35/4s and 4s while making the drive from Colorado Springs on a regular basis. At the Colorado Springs weekend in April, Mike graciously hosted an awesome dinner for all the Blue Sky racers. Mike will also be racing track later in the season.

Horacio Gutierrez

Ho' is by far the most improved racer on the road team. He attended all of the clinics and is really going out and getting 'er done in the 35/4s. Once a criterium-fearing man, now Horacio holds his own in massive field sprints like Wheels of Thunder.

Barry Schmidt

Barry has been racing at a very high level this year, winning the Deer Trail Road Race in April and rocking the Gila with a 2nd and 5th on individual stages and 10th overall. Barry is currently top 10 in the SM3 BAR and is likely to improve on that as the climbers crawl back into their emaciated skins during the criteriums of late summer.

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