Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Short Track Mania

You guys will soon see me out there dragging my slow ass around the Women's B category, but in the interim, this is a better use of my time: taking photos of everyone else's ass. Please don't take offense if I got any names wrong...I don't know everyone on the team yet.

Starting the evening was Jessica, the sole BSVer in the Women's B:

Meanwhile, Drake was flying through the juniors with his Spiderman tights:

Then it was time to cue the Men's Cs.

Ron puts down the hammer:

Pete hangs tough after a warm-up mishap:

Bryan actually looks like he's enjoying himself:

Charles gives the downhill a little how's -your-father:

Ernie thinks that's a good idea and follows suit:

After that dust cloud settles down, the Bs line up.

Mike keeps his lead for some time after grabbing the hole shot, showing these punks the backside of his sexy 9er:

Then he catches a breather behind Rob, who brought a new level to the Business Socks. What can Brown do for you?

Meanwhile, Peter is giving the rest of the field something to work for:

And this gentleman, who I believe is Chris, was the stealth action man:

Susan's next, fighting tooth and nail with those damn Women's A goils:

And wrapping up the night, Rob gave the Men's A crowd a run for their money:

Nice work, everyone. Soon the world will fall under the dominion of Blue Sky Velo. Hear me now, believe me later!


Jose said...

This isn't gonna turn into some whacky suicide cult, is it?

susan p said...

What's up with that big box of kool-aide at the shop???

Nice photos Marti; And great captions too! That last shot of Rob is really sweet- the colors, grass, lighting, and of course composition. By the way, even though I was smiling, I really was suffering, as we all were.