Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winning the hole shot is where it's at!

Here are a few shots of CU Short Track #3! The weather threatened but never fulfilled its promises. Sorry I don't know a few gentlemens' names. I'm learning! It helps if I get to chat a bit with you, then I remember! Right Pete?
Ron, looks like I didn't get any shots of you...shame on me.
It was great to see Sasha and Pam out there racing with us! We missed Jessica and Chris. Great seeing Marty, but still not racing...soon?

I was a bit worried about getting fired as Bob's mechanic. I didn't tighten his seat post enough, it slipped during the race...oops. Better luck next week. If you look closely, you can see the blue tape up on the seat post, that's because he stopped and tightened his seat post during the race.

This banked turn was a blast! Look at Rob getting tripendicular!

This banked turn will put a smile on your face.

Start of the Men's A wave. Now's the time to choke & cough!

Bryan, nice and smooth around the bend

Rob and Ed Schultz fight it out around a turn. Rob came out on top!

Negotiating a tricky turn.

Pete flies around the great banked bend. Best section of the course.

Rumor has it...Charles fell 4 times during this course! He's one tough guy!

I think I won the hole shot! It was most helpful!
I've never lead out a race and held on till the end, till yesterday! It was really pretty fun. The tiny tater tots that we had to lap multiple times were scary and frustrating. Sasha and Pam came in 3rd and 4th. Almost a Blue Sky Sweep!
Sorry I don't have any good pics of you two...I wasn't taking the photos during our race!

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