Monday, June 23, 2008

Rocky Mountain Senior Games

I had a really successful weekend of racing. The TT's went off as expected, altho I managed 6th place in both the 10k and 5k......the 5k is one where you show up at the start line completely amped to blast off, since all of these races feature a turnaround on a rather narrow country road I spent some time perfecting my turns. In general that means coming in as hot as possible, hitting the brakes hard, turn and sprint like you're on fire. Seemed to work pretty well as I'm up two places from last year and my times have improved.

In the road races I could almost hear the information given by you guys in these emails.....I stayed near the front in both....the 20k was basically a group TT but the 40k had some tactics. I was able to stay on the front with a guy from Pro Peloton, a guy from Bike Peddler, and two guys from Cobras. The Cobras were the working guys for their much larger group,. The three non-Cobras took turns at the front controlling the pace, no one else would do any work, when the Cobras came up, they were marked, blocked and/or caught. The sprint for the finish started at 1000m out, I didn't think it would stick and it didn't, the next was at 400meters, which I covered, and was on this guys wheel when the guys that had been sitting in all race came about on both sides, I got around the guy in front of me but didn't have enough kick left to cross the line in the top three. In any event this was my first top ten finish in a road race, actually the first time I've been in the first group. And I must say I was totally pumped.....when I realized that I had played a part at the front for the entire race and could see the finish while I was still up there, made me feel like I was riding on air!!! Thanks to all of my teammates for sharing your works!!

BTW, the senior games are for men and women from 50 years old on up....if you want info go to Colorado Senior Games and check it out . The categories are USCF and the oldest was a guy named Fred Grover in the 90-94 age group.......(he won).


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