Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hurricane of Pain

The sixth installment of the Boulder TT Series ran tonight and I lined up for my fourth go at this half hour or so of what I like to call Adventures in the Pain Cave. The winds were whipping out of the west and southwest and everyone who raced got to test their strength against a very unforgiving wind.
Fellow Blue Skyers Horacio Gutierrez, Jose Castilleja, Austin Seroogy, Eric Scroger, and Jose Faria also lined up for a go at the race of truth.

For me, these races are prep for cyclocross. The goal is to push the limits of LT and get the body and mind ready for the suffering of cross. My main focus is not how fast I'm going, but rather how well I'm pushing my body to the limit. I have no aero gear or fancy TT bike. Not even bar ends for me. But let's not kid ourselves, at the end of the race I look at my time and how it stacks up against the rest.

Other than the outright suffering that comes with doing a TT, I find the back and forth of the little voice in your head fascinating. A constant battle of positive and negative thoughts.

The race for me went fairly well. I had nothing left at the end, which is always good sign and I was glad to get the work in.

Congrats to all the Blue Sky Folks who braved the elements once again.

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