Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things always go better...

...when Tyler Hamilton pats me on the back and says "have a good race"....the guy is standing next to me at the start of last night's TT from Lyons to Boulder. He's there to race with some guys on a four-man team from Toyota-United (they cooked the course in 20 minutes exactly) I'm telling you, Tyler in his Rock racing kit, with his Rock racing TT bike is a lot like "downtown Bling City". OK, so enough ga ga.....they came past me like a mirage.....I looked to the side of the road and Haven Hamilton is sitting on a scooter watching them go by, I say something like "damn, they were flyin" and the next thing I know is Haven is buzzing past me saying GoGoGo!!
I responded by dropping my chain.

Chain on and back in the race.....I hope to pass my friend Leila but she is GONE, (she's been tweaking that bike a bit). Get to the finish and realize I've posted my best time yet.
Leila and I are riding back to the car park and talking about the race, our times etc. when here comes another scooter (maybe the same one) motor pacing David Millar.......white Chipotle skinsuit with those colorful its like celebrity Time Trial night!! What a night!
The best part of the whole thing for me is that this has become my favorite TT course, hard and fast, its right in our backyard, and it carries the stuff you will only see in Boulder.
So, I wanted to share it with you! BTW my fastest time is still pretty slow, no worries!!!
A BIG thanks to the Blue Sky folks out there means a great deal to me and it really makes a difference!!

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