Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Longmont (BSV) Cruiser Ride of '08


It was a beautiful evening.... a 'little' windy but everyone (that is everyone who wasn't TT'ing or Short-trackin') was game to go cruisin'. So they all lined up at the shop and waited for the starting gun to fire.

And they were off...

The ride wasn't too hard (just over 7 miles). No, I didn't have my power meter on the cruiser, I didn't even have a HR strap.... but 'surprise' I did have a GPS (geek, I know). But hey! Now when YOU come out you'll know the route (see the route)


The best part of course was ending up at the Pumphouse where the beers and burgers are always the best.


Come on out and join the fun next time - the shop always has extra cruiser bikes to loan.

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